Al Nassr vs Al Okhdood highlights, NAS 3-0 OKH, सऊदी प्रो लीग: क्रिस्टियानो रोनाल्डो के शानदार ब्रेस ने अल नासर को जीत दिलाई…

Al Nassr vs Al Okhdood
Al Nassr vs Al Okhdood highlights, वो क्या जीत थी

Al Nassr vs Al Okhdood

Al Nassr vs Al Okhdood: सऊदी अरब के रियाद में अल-अव्वल पार्क स्टेडियम में Al Nassr and Al Okhdood के बीच सऊदी प्रो लीग 2023-24 मुकाबले के स्पोर्टस्टार के लाइव स्कोर और अपडेट में आपका स्वागत है।

  • NOVEMBER 25, 2023 01:26
  • Al Nassr 3-0 Al Okhdood. Its all over at Al Awwal Park. Ronaldo’s brace takes The Knights of Njad within a point of league leader Al Hilal.
  • NOVEMBER 25, 2023 01:24
  • 92’
  • Al Okhdood is looking for a consolation goal but AL Nassr goalkeeper Al-Najjar is desperate for a clean sheet.
  • NOVEMBER 25, 2023 01:22
  • 90’+4’90 minutes are up, the officials have added four minutes.
  • NOVEMBER 25, 2023 01:21
  • 89’It’s all AL Nassr at the moment, since the second goal, the visiting side has hardly string together a couple of passes.
  • Brozovic is dictating the play since coming on, his experience helped the home side to put the game to bed.
  • NOVEMBER 25, 2023 01:20
  • 87’Ronaldo miscues his shot from the edge of the box. His teammates looks eager to help him in his chase for another hat-trick.
  • NOVEMBER 25, 2023 01:17
  • 85’Ronaldo finds Otavio with a wicked cross but the Portuguese’s cut back is deflected away by Al Okhdood defence.
  • NOVEMBER 25, 2023 01:15
  • 83’Al Okhdood is now going all out but can’t deal with the quality of Al Nassr.
  • NOVEMBER 25, 2023 01:11
  • GOAL79’ Ronaldo scores againA deft chip from over 35 yards away. Ronaldo on hat-trick. Al Okhdood come out of the box to tackle an onrushing Al Nassr forward, the ball falls on the feat of Ronaldo, who chips the ball high and scores a absolute beauty.

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